*1982 in Tehran/ Iran, lives and works in Berlin

My work is predominantly about norms and control. How the hegemonial norms affect the visibility of phenomena or the bodies.
For Example, a manipulation in an old family photo, taken in Iran at the 1970s; is the pen correction of the naked Knees a self‐regulation practice? Or an act of following the social norms about the ideals of women’s body? I am interested to trace the control in consequence of the sense of shame.

Researching visual details of a photograph or structures of tree forming is a way for me to analyse the norms that govern the structure of social events. I reconstruct unseen impacts and open them up for interpretations, to make new situations, which are also ambivalent.

As an artist I am questioning, how is the aesthetics of an established social norm connected to the social desirables and which undesirable elements are hidden from the public or private space of representation. I find my themes looking at the daily things and phenomenas around me.
My used techniques and materials need mostly to be seen from different distances, like blow up, imprint on cardboard or drawings. So my multi-piece installations are based on leading the eye on the details between the poles of visible and invisible.